It is very tempting to give names to things we experience. We do that even though we know that language constraints can make their true essence evaporate, especially when it comes to the things “inbetween”, transient and brief moments.

Humans have already done enough damage by verbalizing a few of these - such as naming two of most beautiful light occurrences dusk and dawn. Actually, I really do like these two words.


I couldn’t resist to name my favourite time of the year, between mid August to mid September. Augember time is charming, mysterious and doesn’t last long.

It’s like a constellation of special moments. Augember is when the sunlight gets a bit “dusty”. It’s the sound of ripe fruits falling onto the ground, the buzzing of wasps during the day and weary call of crickets into nights that are still hot. It’s your holiday tan that is slowly fading. It’s the early morning chill. For me, Augember’s mood lies somewhere between nostalgia and expectations.


Edited by Barbora Tomikova