Odd facts: VULPING

Odd facts: VULPING

Just like eggtuition, “vulping” is a word which does not exist in official language. And yet, even if you don’t know what that means, you might have done it in your life. It is very likely that you ever “vulped” a thing. Wait...you did what??

My dear friend Laura, whom I met during my artist residence in Graz, had introduced me to many different things within a very short period of time, after which I appointed her as a “life advisor”. Try to peel ginger with the edge of a big spoon and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Beside that and many more, she had also disclosed the concept of a word that sounds very strange: “vulping”. Once I knew about it, I loved it - because sometimes it’s just good to know that the thing you have been practising has got a name. From the linguistic perspective, at the core of the word is “vulpe”, which means a fox in romanian - Laura is from Bucharest, that’s why. But..one can agree that it also sounds better than “foxing”.

So, what is VULPING? Basically, the act of vulping means that you take a thing you like and make it yours. One thinks - you can say the same about stealing.


There is a rule: the object that is being “vulped” is not for sale, that means, it cannot be acquired by legal means. Obtaining something that has a prize tag on it is simply categorized as stealing.

Another rule is that you should somehow relate to the object and have a kind of an “affair” with it. Meaning, you like it so much that you’re convinced it will be in much better care when the object is in your possession, as it may be a dream cup you will pet until the end of your life and therefore you’ll give it a special status, making a connection to a sweet memory or a favourite place. Thus, the object will be happy and feel special - something that couldn’t happen in its original location.

The emotions that accompany the act of “vulping” itself are intricate and can vary from person to person, but can be narrowed down to three basic feelings: joy and adrenaline combined with a little bit of guilt, which evaporates shortly after the act itself.

Things that are “vulped” most often: Cups and cutlery in cafes and restaurants. Awkward object from museums or gallery interiors. Film posters. Towels and other things from hotel rooms. Flowers from someone else’s garden?

Sometimes there are free posters or postcards as part of an exhibition and one has the urge  to take more than one or two, so you take 5 or 10. This is an another aspect of vulping, particularly when performed by “eastern Europeans” in the “West”, can be characterized as very specific branch of vulping. Somehow, we, even the generation who had only spent their childhood under communistic regime, are still easily overwhelmed by the attractiveness of the “western” thing. It smells better, it feels better and it is just overly better.

So it is.



On the photo, some of the objects I “vulped” between years 2010 and 2016:

Coffee cups, Cafe Einstein Stammhaus, Berlin.

Silver spoon, Restaurant “Aux Armes De Bruxelles”, Brussels

Coffee Cups from one of the best restaurant in Lisbon, I know the place but never remember the name.

Steak knife, the same place, Lisbon

Spoons, some place, somewhere

Tea cup (a part of a whole set) Hotel, Vienna