light & stories

My name is Katarina. I love eggs.

I never measure the time when I boil them, just rely on my intuition, and they always turn out just right. One day, while in the process, I made up a word for this - eggtuition.

I also love capturing light and stories through writing and photography. The idea to create Eggtuition as an online platform was born in January 2016. Eggtuition, here and now, is not (only) about eggs.

Growing up in a small, post-communist environment, my exposure to art and culture was very limited. Books, the nature, my own curiosity and observations were the only, yet limitless source of creative stimulation. Over the years, and also through my studies as a visual artist, I developed my very own way of appreciating and aesthetic awareness that I wish to share on this website.


Tapping into the everyday is the very basis of Eggtuition. It means to be consciously looking for the essence of things while letting them speak to us, to choose us. Eggtuition is about the seemingly obvious, the unexpected and the beauty - but also, there are stories, for everything comes with a story.


For questions, collaborations, say hello, please contact:


All photographs on this website are created by me, if not stated elsewise. My texts are edited by my dear friend and photographer Barbora Tomikova, who has the "textution" for always finding the right word, even if there is not a word for everything.